Everything is a Keychain!

This is a short tutorial to make a keychain with any 3D model using PrusaSlicer. It works with forks as well, like Bambu Studio and OrcaSlicer.

The main goal is to add a curved hole to any model, so a keychain ring can be fitted.

1. On the object list, right-click and select "Add negative volume""Gallery"

2. Select the "Torus"

3. Adjust the Torus size as needed

(usually 10 mm for standard keychain rings, which are 8 x 1 mm)

4. Rotate the Torus and move it to the desired place (be careful not to intersect articulations)

5. Slice, and check that the hole is ok

That's it!

For keychains, I strongly recommend this kind of hole instead of printing a ring. Rings are very fragile and won't last long.

Oh, and if you need different Torus proportions, you can create your own (Tinkercad, Meshmixer, Fusion360, Blender... any CAD/modelling software) and then add it to PrusaSlicer.

Hope you find it useful!