Commercial License

Support and Commercial License Subscriptions now available:

About commercial use of the designs

Find below the FAQ regarding the commercial use of McGybeer designs.

Can I sell prints of your designs?

Short answer: No, just the authorized sellers can

All the designs listed by McGybeer are for personal and non-commercial use only.

Free designs are protected under the CC BY-NC-ND 4.0 license, which means that, if you give the proper credit,  you can share the original material. You can not use it commercially in any way, even the remixes/derivatives.

Paid designs are uploaded to Cults3D and MyMiniFactory, and the license of these platforms complements the license above. Find the details in the Cults3D Copyright FAQ and the MyMiniFactory Object Licensing page.

Therefore, you need the authorization to sell prints of any of my designs.

How can I become an authorized seller?

That's really easy. Just join one of the Commercial License subscriptions I've linked above. You will be authorized to sell prints as long as your subscription is active. Please, read carefully each subscription description. Not all of them have the same benefits.

IMPORTANT: For Canada and Russia Commercial Licenses are restricted due to exclusivity agreements. Explicit authorization is required:

I just want to print some for my friends and family...

If you are printing a few for your family and close friends, that's fine. But you can't ask them for money, even to cover the printing expenses. Because that's considered commercial use and that's not allowed, as explained above. For commercial license information read the previous point.

I found someone illegally selling prints of your designs

If you have found any illegal activity, please, report the link in this form. Thanks a lot for your help.