Printing Tips



I know some of my designs can be quite a torture test for some people. 95% of the issues are related to improving the bed adhesion and dealing with warping/curling. Also, some may find issues with brittle links easily breaking, which is caused by underextrusion on small perimeters.

This has a simple explanation: The articulations I use have small parts with ~45º overhangs. Theoretically, they are perfectly able to be printed without issues. However, as the filament cools down it shrinks slightly and causes it to curl up. As a consequence, the nozzle may collide with the printed part and detach the piece if the bed adhesion is not strong enough.

Fortunately, there are some easy tips that may solve almost all the issues.

Also, I strongly recommend testing my free designs before purchasing the more complex ones. They may help you to understand better your printer, and will teach you a lot about the printing process. You can find them here.

All the following tips are just from my experience and may not work for everyone. Keep in mind that I'm just trying to help 😉

Bed Adhesion

To improve your bed adhesion is really easy in most cases:


To deal with the warping/curling it's more tricky, but these tips are a game changer:

I designed a curling test file a while ago, and really helps to understand where your airflow needs to improve. You can download it here.

Bad layer cooling

Good layer cooling = no curling

Brittle Links

It is probably related to under extrusion on small perimeters. I've seen that in the past and it happens mostly on bowden printers. The first explanation is a partially clogged nozzle, which makes it more difficult for the filament to flow correctly after a retraction. It can be also due to not properly tuned retraction settings. Things you should check:

To test how your printer performs with small perimeters, try printing this simple model with 0% infill. You may want to scale it down a bit, to 70% for instance, to better represent the small articulated links. I use it also to quickly test the stringing.

Advanced Tips

Prints can be strongly improved if you know how to use your slicer. I'll be posting here all the tips I found (to be finished, with some pics...):